Dan Montez presents dynamic lectures and master classes around the world. These lectures are tailored both for audiences that know little about music and those who are experts in the music or opera field. These presentations can be given at educational institutions, to service organizations, on cruise ships, at conventions, or to corporations. Many of them include multimedia. Below are some of the of the offerings:

1. How to Get Hired and Re-Hired: There’s a lot of room at the top!
This lecture includes multi-media and corresponds to Dan Montez’s book, Singing for your Supper. It present the skills you need to make it in the business of opera. With humorous anecdotes accompanied by a hard-hitting reality check, your group will understand exactly what you need to do to succeed and make money in the opera field. It is approximately one and a half hours in length, but can be tailored to any length.

2. Singing in Your Sleep.
Includes multi-media. This correspond to Montez’s book of the same name and deals directly with the principal reasons people do not succeed at full-time careers in the arts. With no holds barred, you are given the personality change you will have to make to become a successful opera singer. You will learn how an artist practices, develops habits, networks, and gets jobs. This is not for the faint of heart. Lecture is one and a half hours, but can be tailored to any length.

3. What is Opera?
This lecture presents the field of opera to the uninitiated. It includes multi-media. In an entertaining way, Montez compares the stereotypes of opera to the reality. He introduces the nuts and bolts of what makes an opera, who the famous composers are, and why opera as an art form is a synthesis of all the arts.

4. Why we need the Arts.
This lecture is appropriate for communities, business, service organizations, and municipal leaders. It discusses the reasons that the arts are necessary in schools and communities. It presents the need that growing societies have to support the arts in order to develop the creative problem-solving parts of our minds. This lecture can be one to two hours in length.

5. Don’t Believe It!
This lecture corresponds with Montez’s early book of the same name. It includes multi-media and follows Mr. Montez’s personal journey to become a world-class opera singer and musician. This is a motivational lecture designed to inspire people in or out of the music field to follow their dreams in spite of everyone who tells you that you cannot. It identifies the specific sources of negativity that surround us--from family, friends, and colleagues to media and critics. Then, the lecture will present specific risk-taking strategies that successful people have in common.

6. Available Master Classes:

  • Opera Vocal. Montez teaches straight opera master classes for your school, conservatory, or other musical institution. He will critic the voice from a pedagogical standpoint.

  • Opera Dramatic. Montez will coach opera singers in their acting and help them interpret the score. He will teach your students how to develop subtext, how to portray thoughts and feelings that correspond or do not correspond to the text of the libretto. He will work on all aspects on stage movement and audition presentation.

  • Accompanist Training. He will teach opera singers and accompanist to work together. The class will cover how an opera singer can clearly communicate artistic intention to an accompanist and how an accompanist can pick up those signals and anticipate the desires of the singer.

  • Choral Training. Montez will work to get a better sound out of your choir by teaching Italian choral principals (as opposed to English school choral technique). He will use his extensive experience training opera chorus, and conducting oratorio choirs across the United States. He will help your choral organization understand how the voice really works and what support really means. He will dramatically increase the sound and power of your group.

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